Project Management

Malaysia | 2019

I organized the Children & Youth Assembly (an official side event of the 7th Asia Pacific Urban Forum). I recruited over 100 participants from Asia and the Pacific and coordinated 12 parallel sessions and workshops as well as managed the documentation for all sessions. 

Sleephere Hong kong

Business Management Consultancy

Hong Kong | 2019

A medium-term co-living service provider. 

I built out the company’s HR functions by developing processes and guides for recruitment, onboarding and performance management. I also helped systematised the company’s business processes and set up a knowledge management architecture for all standard operating procedures. Throughout my service, I’d also consulted with the Managing Director on company vision, goals and strategy.


Case Writing & Research

Thailand | 2018

With a grant provided by the Head Foundation, I was a case writer covering cases studies and stories related to social innovation and social entrepreneurship in Thailand and Malaysia. The cases are used in the university’s undergraduate program to provide students an immersive and experiential educational experience.


UX Research

Singapore | 2017

An open employment marketplace for domestic workers and employers.

I conducted UX research to improve the matching process between employers and foreign domestic workers in Singapore.

BEAM Education Foundation

Curriculum Development & Facilitation

Thailand | 2017

A non-profit foundation in Thailand that help Myanmar migrant students access college preparation courses and vocational skills training.

With a seed grant from Partners Asia, I designed a curriculum for an 18-months youth development program for Myanmarese migrants, ethnic Thai and local Thai youth.

Summer pre-program

Curriculum Development, Teaching & Facilitation, Project Management

Thailand | 2016, 2017

The School of Global Studies is a new faculty established at Thammasat University.

I developed and implemented a 7 weeks summer pre-program for incoming freshmen at the School of Global Studies at Thammasat University.

I managed the entire program from recruiting instructors, managing the budget, planning the curriculum and activities, running logistics, implementing all the planned activities to evaluating the effectiveness of the program.

I also co-taught two courses which are “Intro to Impact”and “Skills for Personal Development.” For these two courses, I developed tailoredcurriculum for the students and managed the learning evaluation process. 


Southeast Asian Service Leadership Network (SEALNet)

Project Management, Curriculum Development, Facilitation

Southeast Asia/ U.S. | 2012 - 2017

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in San Francisco dedicated to instilling service leadership among Southeast Asians youth in the US and beyond.

Youth Leadership Summit Series (2013, 2015, 2016, 2017)

A 7-10 days incubation program in the summer to equip Southeast Asian youth leaders with necessary skills, mindset and support system to turn their ideas and passions for service into impactful actions.

In 2013, I co-organized the first Youth Leadership Summit (YLS) in Singapore where I developed and facilitated a program on service leadership for youth from all over Asia. From the summit, I mentored the participants on the development of 9 service projects from which 4 projects were executed in Southeast Asian countries in Summer 2014 to help under-served communities and create social impact.

Starting from 2015, I have been serving as an advisor and mentor for the team during the development and implementation phase of the summits in Vietnam, Singapore andThailand. I also lead leadership retreats for the team to ensure a high-performing team and manage conflicts between organizers.

Project Malaysia 2014

A project from YLS 2013 that focused on providing access for the indigenous community in Malaysia. As a mentor, I worked with two project leaders to develop their facilitation, program curriculum development and project management skills, a year prior to their project.

While on ground, I facilitated the development of a sustainable business model for the indigenous community in Gombak and led leadership workshops for a team of 25 people.

Project Cambodia 2012

A two weeks project focused on serving disabled youth in Cambodia.

As a project member, I developed English and computer skills lesson plans for 60 disabled youth. I also mentored and facilitated leadership workshops for 20 high school students.

To raise awareness on disability issues, I co-organnizedan event that was attended by approximately 300 people where we had performances by the disabled youth. I also choreographed flash mob for 60 disabled youths and 20 high school mentees to demonstrate the disabled youth’s capabilities.


Curriculum Development, Teaching, Editing

Thailand | 2016 - 2017

Developed and ran a series of workshops and tutoring sessions for graduate students in the Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences at Khon Kaen University to improve their writing style and skill.

MIT JYU 2016

Project Management, Facilitation, Fundraising

Nepal | 2016

A 2-week project is to design sustainable solutions for a rural village affected by the earthquake.

I co-founded this project with an organization in Nepal.

As the project lead, I created marketing campaigns and design the recruitment process for a team of 15 people. I also fundraised USD $2212 to cover the project costs.

After recruiting the team, I mentored the team in their various roles: program design, fundraising, logistics, and media management.

During the project, I was the main program facilitator and led the team through design thinking methodologies.


Consulting & Research

Thailand | 2016

A three weeks sustainability consultancy program initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

I consulted with Metroply, one of the largest wood-based panel manufacturers in Thailand.

The outcomes:

1. An 8-step process that can be used as a tool to help Metroply in rethinking their future potential waste streams and training their junior employees.

2. A wood veneer case study to illustrate how the tool is used.


Curriculum Development & Facilitation

Thailand | 2016

An alternative education project in one of the oldest communities in Bangkok that aims to inspire children through electronics and robotics.

Fair Trade for Coffee Farmers

Project Management

Peru, U.S. | 2014

A project with a coffee farmer in rural Peru to connect with ethical organizations that create a transparent supply chain.

Phyo Nyi Nyi Kyaw Memorial Foundation

Curriculum Development

U.S. | 2013 - 2014

A project to develop a 12-month mentorship and career advisorship curriculum for 15 to 20 MIT alumni who mentor urban youths in Boston from MIT’s Amphibious Achievement


Project Management, Public Speaking

Taiwan, Malaysia | 2012

Co-led and developed a summer workshop in Taiwan to raise awareness about the meaning of education and social justice.

Led a group of 20 students from universities in the United Kingdom to develop lessons and workshops for 150 primary school students in Kuala Lumpur to inculcate interest in the English Language.


Project Management & Research

Malaysia | 2010

A research and awareness building project on global warming.

I recruited and led a team of 22 students to carry out an extensive research project and produced a report on the university’s carbon emission and initiatives to be taken to reduce it. We also carried out activism projects in an orphanage and an indigenous people settlement and organised a green campaign in the university.